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Blue long sleeves bug in extra uniforms.


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Hi guys!. I've recieved several reports and also Cultier_39 sent me a picture of a graphic error that heppens this way:

In some night games, or genarally in conditions that are suppoused to be cold, when players are wearing long undershirt sleeves, models that are far, show their forearm graphics blue. This is similar to the problem with a wrong llod file, like in my 1.0 Tampa bay pack, already fixed in v1.1 -not aviable to download yet when this post was written-. But in this case, the graphic is hidden somewhere in the game files, and I guess the game uses the same one as default for all extra uniforms, so it is not related to my files. I'll try to find it, but I'm afraid the best I can do is changing the file for a black or gray one, to make it less noticeable.

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