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thanks Dan, great help as always! :wtg: Do you think you could tell us the names of some of those fonts that arent windows default?

Yes some of those fonts are really nice. I have tons of fonts which i never use and can never find any of the few good ones i have, hmmm maybe i'll go on a font cleaning run sometime soon.

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Here are some of my favorites...

Acknowledge - thicker version of 'Visitor':


AE Scrawl - American Eagle uses this...or the used to, anyway...


There's also a font called 'Herald' which I used for the K-rod sig as well as the blog I'm trying to finish up...I couldn't find it online so I'll upload it in a few. The other ones are really just Times New Roman or Arial, or similar typefaces. There are also I few that I buy from Adobe that I can't share because of the licensing. I buy these fonts for 30-80 bucks when I do client work, and then I just play around with them in signatures since those are non-commercial work.


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