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  1. I just got a 360 and there's already a problem with the graphics card - now there's only blues, greens, browns, blacks, whites, and grays. Like playing in a friggin sewer sometimes. One of the games I got was NCAA March Madness 08. I hate it. Yeah, it's a huge upgrade from 06 on the PS2. The graphics are awesome and the presentation is great (love the menus). However, my biggest pet peeve about the game is how many times shots within about three feet are made. I can have an opponent jump up, get whacked, and do this weird flip thing with the ball and it goes in, without a foul. This must happen 15 times during online play. Defenders almost never block shots, even when all they have to do is stick a finger up. Xbox Live is pretty cool, though I hate paying $8 a month to use it. I like on the box how it says "FREE SILVER MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED!" when silver memberships are already free. Go Giants!!
  2. I'm really at a loss as to what to write as a tutorial now. A few weeks ago I wrote the "flare" tutorial, which got me 10,000+ uniques within about 9 days. I feel obligated to crank out another quality tutorial pretty soon, but what of? Suggestions? Please, no requests for sigs or sig tutorials. There's enough of those. -dan
  3. Dan


    Pick one player, or put one in a sig and one in the avatar. I don't do dual-player sigs.
  4. Dan


    Taking one request.
  5. Dan


    I still use C4Ds...and random Google Images photos.
  6. Looool is his name seriously Laundry? For some reason I thought it was Landry...
  7. These are truly random thoughts, pulled from my Journler entry for today. There may be some confusing stuff; I'm too tired to sift through anything. My random thoughts were near the bottom of the entry. Matt and I are starting up a new site next week, LeopardDocks.net. It's a site for custom dock backgrounds for Leopard. I think we're going to be the first site to do this, and I can't wait to launch. He doesn't seem too keen about having a ton of advertising space, but you gotta make money somehow, right? I'm using a really nice custom wood background for my dock, with a subtle icon reflection. Speaking of Leopard, I got another overdraft since the $130something reserved for my Leopard pre-order didn't leave enough for my AT&T iPhone bill. I honestly didn't know how the whole pre-order system worked, so thank God there wasn't any fee associated with the overdraft. Amazon's one-click purchase system is really one click. I pushed the button next to 'oPtion$' by Fake Steve Jobs and the next screen says 'Thank you for your order!'. Wow! I don't want to let go of WPC to the new Neue network. I need to tell Matt. WPC is my baby, not even a half a year old. It's just getting to the good part. I just about smoothed out the overload disaster I was left with at the end of the week. Sometimes it's nice to be a kid, you know? I beat GH2 on Hard mode, including Free Bird. Expert, here I come. Friday Night Lights is getting interesting, with Matt starting to voice his own opinion more and get more self-confidence. I think his little conversation with Julie near the end of the episode may have sparked my epiphany about Maura. Heroes is going downhill. It's almost to the point of complete suckage. I'll be really disappointed if the season ends halfway through with the strike, though with the level of excitingness going down with each episode, it may not make much difference to me at all. That 109-yard field goal return today was ama-za-zing. His foot was literally |--------------------this close--------------------| from the out of bounds line. I say give him 110. Speaking of TV episodes, I can't wait until Prison Break and The Big Bang Theory tomorrow night. I normally pick either Heroes, PB, or TBBT on Mondays and space the others out through the week (with The Office, FNL, South Park, and Family Guy) to keep myself entertained. I am dying to play a real game of football. Girls' minds confuse me, especially the minds of the lucky ladies who had a chance to date me. I've given up. -dan
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    No brushing at all, except for the little white "sparkle" trail. Everything else was some smudged/blurred/any-way-I-could-damage-it effects on stocks from Google Images. There is a cloud stock somewhere in there. I find it better to erase the circles on the outside of the flare, as they look ugly. The Lens Flare filter is really only used to provide a main source of light around the image. By the way, here is the tutorial he used. -dan
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    After waiting out the long load times here, I have a new sig. :D
  10. You know, school really sucks now. First off, the two eighth grade teachers hate our grade. I heard my friend's mom talking at his party; we're apparently known as the "drama grade". Then one teacher somehow found out that my girlfriend was in my class. Now remember that this is a Catholic school, and the Church says that you shouldn't date seriously until you're a junior in high school. This isn't a serious relationship, but they still seem to be trying to stop us from spending so much time together. One teacher has started to pick science lab partners more frequently. Another seems to have this new rule that you can't stop in the hall and talk between classes. GAHD I hate Catholic schools. Thank God giving bulk rates to people for WordPress sites didn't kill me in terms of to-dos. It almost did. I'm going to Italy next year in the spring. I'm going with the church cause they're going on a choir "pilgrimage", but I'll be with the group that doesn't sing, touring the cities. I also want to fly out to London for a few days and see my friend in the UK. Airfare is so much more expensive in the summer, though, and he's at college during the winter when it's much cheaper. **** you Apple, for taking away my third-party iPhone apps. No more tic-tac-toe during Geometry... -dan
  11. Dan


    Wow, the graphics department at MVPmods has really slowed down...what do we have like, 10 posts in 15 days?
  12. Dan


    You can't limit a font to Photoshop. PS reads the fonts from your computer's Fonts folder.
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    Ohhh I get it, they make Rangers straightjackets for rowdy players that fight too much. Cool idea. lol your render is just so oddly shaped, looks like he's trying to make armpit noises or something.
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