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2000/1984 New York METS roster file?


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hey guys, just looking for a 22 man roster of the 1984 Mets. Feel free to drop the names of a few players you'd like to see in the package.

as a matter of fact, if you want to create the met file, go ahead, you'll get credit for it.

cool. hot blue uniforms,logos,portraits included in this package.

1987 twins,1984 tigers,2000 mets are the next packages im working on and i'd really like all the help i can get with the 84 mets since they seem to cause the most trouble, and everyones got a preference.

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Here's a 22 man roster you could use for the 1984 Mets. I'll use 9 pitchers and 13 position players.

C Mike Fitzgerald 20

1B Keith Hernandez 17

2B Wally Backman 6

3B Hubie Brooks 7

SS Jose Oquendo 2

LF George Foster 15

CF Mookie Wilson 1

RF Darryl Strawberry 18

LF/IF Ron Gardenhire 19

OF/1B Danny Heep 25

C Ron Hodges 42

2B/3B Kelvin Chapman 11

SS Rafael Santana 3

SP Dwight Gooden 16

SP Ron Darling 44

SP Walt Terrell 49

SP Bruce Berenyi 27

SP Sid Fernandez 50

RP Doug Sisk 39

RP Brent Gaff 45

RP Ed Lynch 36

CL Jesse Orosco 47

For sentimental reasons, some might include Rusty Staub (10) as a 1B.

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