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Do you play an instrument?/fav artist


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Okay, just for my amusement, another one of those "knowing everybody" threads. as if i don't know everybody already... well, ok, i don't really, but you know, so anyway.


What is your favorite Musical Artist?

Do you play an intrument, and if yes what is it?


correct respones: I play the piano/the kazoo/the glockenspiel

inncorrect:I play the chainsaw/the pencil sharpener/the loud hevy metal in my room at 2 a.m..

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oh, forgot to mention mine:

artist: jimi hendrix is my all-time favorite, but i also like The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Who, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Cream, stuff like that. 20 minute jam sessions. :D

instruments: guitar, been playing for about 6 years now

sax, played it in band, but i'm a bit rusty now

steel drums: My school has a steel drum band, and we're kind of known throughout the city, so it's great when people say, "oh, you poor deprived public-school students, you can't play real music." And then we kick their butts with a steel drum jam session.

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Well, I really don't have favorite artists as I tend to fluxuate between genres all the time. Right now I'm in kind of a Progressive Rock phase and am listening to a lot of Kings X, O.S.I. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, etc.

I am an acoustic guitar player and singer and actually did it semi-professionally for about 12 years, releasing 2 CDs with an acoustic trio called, "The 3 of Us".

We don't play together anymore, but our website is still up: http://www.the3ofus.com

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