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congrats on your 1st post! welcome to mvpmods (i've always wanted to do this thing.) If i can dig it up, there's a good starting guide post somewhere... anyway, despite the lackluster nickname, i'm sure you'll be addicted in no time, RIP karma and the whole package. as for your original topic... can't help you, don't specialize in that thing.

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This has to do with the "new" mvp 06, but it also gives a guide to the site and stuff

Additional things you can try:

5. Datafiles: they change the "physics" of the game. Again, the creators are pretty good about describing what each one does.

6. Overlays: these are graphical add-ons that can give the game the look of any number of television broadcasts. There's also a network selector which you can install separately that runs a little application that lets you choose which one gets used before you start the game.

7. Audio add-ons: there's lots of little add-ons that people have created which do different things. Louder crowds, different effects, etc.

Further tips:

Again, as you go through downloading things you'll probably notice other things that might sound interesting to you, but I suggest you follow steps 1 - 4 first to get comfortable with installing modifications. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Not because your computer will blow up or something if you screw up, but because not reading them carefully is usually what results in people asking redundant and simple questions that would have been answered had they taken the time to read thoroughly.

Last, but not least: If you must ask questions, be specific. There's nothing worse than... "My rosters thing didn't work. It doesn't show the players I was looking for, and the uniforms are wrong." With the variety of options available to people, there is simply no way to answer a question like that without clearly understanding all the variables of the installations you ran. And it keeps people off your back who will bite your head off if you ask questions like that.

Focusing on keywords pertaining to your questions will bring up any number of hits in the fabulous search engine for this site. Lots of results will be vague, not what you're looking for, and written for people who are more knowledgable in these fields, but closer examination will usually reveal the answer you're looking for. Thing is, if you've got an issue with the installations or with the game, and you've followed every instruction THOROUGHLY as I mentioned above, then chances are someone else has had the same problem before and it's already been addressed.

Hope this was of some help to you and anyone else looking to enjoy upgrading their copy of MVP 2005.

Good luck and Play Ball!!

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