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  1. y4l as u were once known in my day, i used to be respected, whatever happened to this place.

  2. I was once a well respected member at this forum in 2006.

    1. Campo09


      now that im 20 and 2005 was 6 years ago, seems too long. haha i remember filling out tim lincecum player profile for the rosters that

  3. remember the old days of this site, when there was tons of discussions a day.

  4. Campo09


    Anyone up for a Jonathan Sanchez Sig?
  5. Campo09


    better but not a fan of the first pic used, background makes it hard to see players.
  6. Los Gigantes sweep brew crew, I LOVE IT. Lincecum bad outing but gets backed up by his bullpen.
  7. Damn School starts in 3 days. that sucks. I have emulators to play n64 on pc.
  8. Campo09


    so is the point that hes been a disapointment :???:
  9. Campo09


    oh yea i see that now. If it had something besides honeycomb it would look great. to be honest it looks like he is down on himself, maybe use a picture of him pumping his fist?
  10. Campo09


    Not Bad, But i would make the sig for Haren seeing as Harden gets injured every day. I think you need a better background.
  11. Campo09


    i think the pitsburgh one is better I wud make it a 2 player sig and get rid of the logo. Like the font though 8/10
  12. Campo09


    Same, But very nice I like how u put Wrigley in the background
  13. Campo09


    anyone interested in making a Giants Wallpaper?? FF Nice Padres Wallpapers
  14. Campo09


    Hey I like it very nice, a little bland but i love the texture of the background. 8.5/10 Wrigleyville http://mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=2510...=Wallpaper.html Wallpaper thread. :wink:
  15. Campo09


    Very Nice Lucas, great use of lighting and team colors 10/10
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