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New Dynasty, need Tylenol


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Yeah, I'd say he came in around the 14th or 15th. He was giving up great hits. An error to first gave me a run at the top of the 17th, and then I blasted a homer that gave me a lead of 8-3. NEVER put Maddux in the game. He's only got great control and I knew everything he'd throw would be slow. After, what, 14-15 innings you grow patient. They put this slow pitcher Maddux in and I had plenty of patience by the time he came to throw. I killed him in my Pseudo Braves revenge. Great game.

I played another one and when it went to the top of the 10th with the score 0-0, I just simmed the rest and took the loss. My head hurts after the first game. Aye de Mi.

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