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More team packs on the way and an updated TOTAL CLASSIC ROSTER with a couple of AA teams replaced.

87 Twins, 2000 Yanks, 2000 Mets, 84 Mets, 84 Tigers, and 94 Expos.

if you've got a 94 Expos Met file, send it my way. thanks.

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Sighs...Man you move so fast...how do you make the time to do all this stuff?? I was working on a 1984 playoff package...but it takes me so long to get batter stances...pitcher deliveries correct. I am good at fixing pitchers pitch selections, trimming rosters...(hell I grew up in the 80s so most of my baseball knowledge stems from there). I just don't move fast enough with pictures and everything. I don't know how you do it but you deserve tremendous credit. You have made this a very playable game for years to come...THanks!

Now, to the point...I could do a 94 Expos Met file for you if needed, but it would be without portraits, and precise batter stances, pitcher deliveries, etc...All the other info would be accurate (notice that mvp edit does not import birthdates correctly...I can fix that though).

Keep on making those packages...if you need .met files now that I know how to make them...(i'm late I know) I can send you a ton of them...I have been tweaking a bunch on my computer.

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mazzochi: well the m.e.t file isn't done yet for the 2000 Mets, so why dont you tell me which one you'd like to see?

like the 2000 world series/playoffs version of the stadium like-

-The Extra Scoreboard They Added Just For The Playoffs On The Back Wall Of The Left Field Picnic Area.

-(Dunno If This Is Possible) Add The 2000 World Series Logo On The Field

-I'll Think Of Something Else

I'll tryand find some pics

and has annyone ever edited Shea to have the little red white and blue ribbon over the twin towers up high above the right field scroeboard? (i know its a REALLY small detail, but still)

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ok, your completely in a different world. lol.

have you ever downloaded any team packs?

.........................a wha?.......... no...... if you mean cyberfaces for a team, yea I downlaoded a Angles, Mets, And Dogers one...

O! You mean your making a roster for the 2000 Mets?

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rise and shine.

ah-ha! you are making a custom stadium tho rite?

and btw- sorry i'm new to the entire MVP Modding scene so it might take me a bit to catch on :mrgreen: I was really into the NBA Live 2004 Modding, but i jsut got this game and i feel like a real n00b :oops:

btw- I'd like to see the Playoff version of the 00' Mets, and same w/ the Yanks, i wanna re-play that series :banghead:

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