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they're up to their neck in dirt!


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Why is it that the men in the dugout are not there, but outside and up to their neck in dirt?

Or sometimes they are just outside sitting in front instead of in the dugout where they are supposed to be? (This happens when I am playing at Candlestick, or the Polo Grounds, and others)

This seems to be and issue with all versions of classics. It is just a question, and if there is a solution that would be great.

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Because chances are the datafile associated with the stadium isn't in your master data folder. If you unpack the datafile and copy over clevday for candlestick, poloday for pologrounds, you'll solve it.
wait a minute, unpack the datafile? which datafile? what do you mean by unpack? And I am not familar with the terminlogy "copying over" either. Do you mean open the datafile when you say "unpack"? And in "copying over" do you mean when I find the datafile that contains the stadiums and find clevday and poloday and rewrite it for candlestick and pologrounds?

I am not a modder, but I am will to give it a shot, I just follow the directions on how the modders have given to install the latest mods, you know?


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