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  1. What I did is: 1. Perform a clean install of MVP 2005 2. Make a copy of this folder 3. Every time you look to install a new mod, make a copy of the above folder, and install it into that new instance. That's why I have like a dozen different folders for the various mods at this point.
  2. I highly doubt a Sony game is going to be a non-Sony Playstation exclusive. Now, given, I haven't purchased The Show since 2009, but I gave up on it entirely because it was 100% focused on the hitting at the expense of pitching. Also, the RTTS goals were stupid. Like, if I'm an AL closer, needing to put points into bunting is idiocy. Have they made any improvements to pitching and/or fixed RTTS goals?
  3. By 1938, we have 100% stadium coverage. If you are a little earlier, let me know and I can say how far we are.
  4. I've been making "John Newbery's Total Classic Rounders 1744". It's a great show, old chap. If we had good quality stadiums, I'd love more stuff earlier than the 40s.
  5. Yup, I recall this. Seems it generated a lot of interest, then... died.
  6. I'm trying to remember my approach by the time I got to my final projects. I definitely used removable.o more than mstadium.o, since iirc removable.o was not subject to MVP's annoying tendency to remove items that were determined to be off screen. However, for some items, I would offload to one of the other .o files simply because my latter projects were so so gigantic and going past what was possible with the MVP engine.
  7. Would love to help.... but I forgot. Good luck!
  8. Happy holidays Mark, nice to see you around now and then.
  9. You'd have to donate from each account in order to have shoutbox access, so go for it!
  10. I don't think this really counts since it's a different person. And, if I recall, you may have mentioned this to us in the past? Either way, don't worry about it.
  11. Many people will get Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Also, Favre will make an *** out of himself.
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