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So I've been bored the past 2 days and decided to get creative with my bad self. I decided to color up my dull xbox 360 case to make it look better than just plain white. What do you guys think? Also if anyone else has done something similar feel free to post pics. Or heck, just a pic of anything not MVP related you have modded in some way.

Edit: I also colorfied a controller, and as soon as i get a T8 torx screwdriver I'm going to do the same to my wireless one.

Edit #2: Sorry for the big pics, these are straight from the digital camera.

From This:



To This:



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what are you going to do when your 360 craps out on you? This is what I would consider a case mod.

my 360 already crapped out (but that was of my own doing) and i got it replaced for free...

i found a way to exploit the system and replace my broken 360 with a brand spanking new one.

(and no i didn't call microsoft to send it in, b/c i had already voided the warranty on it.)

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