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  1. Let's Go Yankees!!

  2. ... I am loving The Offspring's new single, Hammerhead. I had heard it live when they played in Tokyo through the internet and know they have the studio version on the radio. Check it out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=U9RlrNvLSY4 ... I am still really liking this girl I know from work (if you saw the relationship thread). ... I missed both games too this weekend, Y4L. Lets hope Rasner can win it today while I watch.
  3. I just don't see the Yankees in the playoffs this year, something tells me their playoff streak is over. I didn't say this last year, or any other year I was a fan, but I just don't see it this year. That article MarkB posted with the callers for that trip is awesome.
  4. - Picked up super smash bros brawl this morning for the wii and it rocks! - finally getting in some basketball today as well, can't wait. *(indoors of course, especially with all this snow on the ground)
  5. You know what I hate most about playing online games on XBL? When annoying asses leave their mics on and all you hear is their static crap for the entire time playing. And the whiny 10 year olds. Funny story while playing today. A kid was on when he wasn't suppose to be on and in the background all you could hear was "TURN THAT GAME OFF IM IN THE SHOWER" from his dad. Then the kid was like "OK OK". LMAO
  6. Sandlot


    Could someone make me a hughes sig with the yankees tophat logo..
  7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=cj88wMKWHzU
  8. -Bought tickets to the home opener for the Jays. They play the Red Sox on April 4th at Rogers Centre. I'm gonna wear my "BOSTON SUCKS" T-shirt, lol.
  9. -i finally came to a realization that nba live 08 is dreadful and i am going to make the switch to 2k8. -schools starting again tomorrow. but that means opening day is that much closer -pizza, junk for superbowl tonight, go giants. <<< Lol
  10. Sandlot


    Can anybody make me a Phil Hughes wallpaper?
  11. ....second day of a double header today, gotta win. ....i get to play where the ottawa lynx play when i go to ottawa for baseball on june 9th!!!
  12. I am going to the Jays/Red Sox game on Tuesday, I want to see this Dice-K in person.
  13. Jetstream park. Home of the Ottawa Lynx.
  14. Thanks to all the great men and women(?) who helped bring us MVP 07!
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