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Building a new computer...need some help


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Hey Guys, I need to buy a new computer but want to build one instead of buying one...If you guys could help me out here that would be awesome.

Heres what I have in my computer so far that I plan on using:

PROCESSOR: AMD Athlon 2700+

Sound Card

Power Supply




I could use the hard drive I have in there but I recently ran out of room some how so was wondering if I did get a bigger hard drive would you beable to get stuff off of there?

Im pretty sure thats about it that I will use in there. So this is what I am looking for:

Motherboard: I am mainly just looking for something that I know is going to last a long time for me. As many PCI slots as I can get. Also want it to beable to hold about 2 gig memory

Hard Drive: Probably a 160gb or 200gb hard drive

Video Card: I want something really nice here...Something thats going to put out some great images and something great for games as well. Possibly something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814241033

Memory: I would like atleast 1gb memory. If possible and not to much more than I would like 2 gb of memory.

I want something with some power and runs fast and plays games and looks good.

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I don't know what your gaming needs are, but if you are looking for a great little card, I have a BFG 7900GT OC for sale (see link to BFG).


I bought it in April/May of this year and it's in excellent condition. Very fast and it will run just about anything out there. Only problem I see is that it might be out of your range as I'm selling it for $175.00. Just a thought, though.


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also..if i decided to buy this one would it run MVP baseball on here well enough to enjoy it and also would i beable to install all of the new 2x and up jersey and other stuff and will it beable to run well and fast...if not are there any on this wal mart website that will?

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