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  1. Thanks! Yeah, that book was on my wish list, and I actually just purchased it! I'm hoping that it will provide a lot of the history aspects and information I am looking for. Although, based on its reviews, I'm not sure if it will present any sort of standards for scorekeeping, but I'll keep looking around.
  2. Hello all! To all you seasoned veterans of MVPMods, I'm back from the dead to ask the best online baseball community I know a few questions about a newer hobby of mine: keeping score. While I'm curious how many of you score games and what style you use, I'm also looking for information on who would be considered 'industry experts' in scorekeeping, any history about it, definitive rules (if there is a hard standard), and any other relevant information. I found Henry Chadwick through a nice post from Y4L about the origin of the box score in this thread. But I'm still seeking more information. Can anyone provide any insight or point me to some good books or resources? Disclaimer: I already know how to score games. I just want to go deeper. I consider scorekeeping to be an art, and one worthy of exploration. Cheers!
  3. Anyone like?!?!? Dude, that is jaw-dropping work. WOW!
  4. philliesphan18


    Chamber - that Beltran one is beastly. Nice work.
  5. Can a hearse with a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
  6. philliesphan18


    Is there a high res version of that?
  7. philliesphan18


    On the Tyree subject - Does anyone have a high res picture of that catch from the side? I can't find one.
  8. philliesphan18


    Love the sig marlinsms!
  9. That Marlins one looks fantastic. Although, I must say, there are better models for Texas than Vicente Padilla! :razz:
  10. philliesphan18


    Hit the "invert color" button. That would spice things up a bit! ~ Sorry, but seriously, try breaking out of the rectangular shaped sig bit for a while. With your skills, you shouldn't have any trouble.
  11. philliesphan18


    If you want jackpot, that melky sig is it!
  12. philliesphan18


    It makes him look extremely obese at first glance. Stick with your NYY sig.
  13. philliesphan18


    I like it, except for the border. I would make it 1 pixel and get rid of those grey boxes on either side.
  14. :lmao: Nice quote there Micro!
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