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Having problems with Fuzz's uni editor crashing...


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Earlier today I downloaded the latest version of Fuzz's studio thing, and I decided to add a bunch of unis to the game since I didn't have much to do.

I had problems with the uni editor crashing before, and I've read that the problem is caused by a corrupt uni file which can happen by adding unis previously, so I copied the data folder from my game CDs so that wouldn't be the case. The first uni I tried to add failed, characterized by the same gfxpak error messages that were the problem before. Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

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I just tried using new .big files off of the CDs I have and I still am getting the same error messages. Just wondering if anyone else knows what to do since the problem is obviously not the .big files I am using.

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I'm running MVP Studio 2.9, so the Uniform Editor in it is version 2.5. Since I started with files off of the CD, I didn't put the files in my actual MVP directory. This is how I put the files:


>"unis" folder


>>"data" folder



>"mvpstudio" folder

I don't think the problem is I'm missing files either, because I remember a while back I tried this with the same setup and it worked for a few unis until the error messages started.

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