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A Computer Dilemna


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I don't know what happened. I'll tell you what went down. I got my computer running amazingly fast over the last month and a half or so. I am running a Dell Inspiron E1405 with 1 gig of ram and 1.66 GHZ. The one problem I was experiencing was that I had gotten lag in my video games (this after the spped up of the computer), Madden & MVP. I thought that it was a video card problem because I'm running on an integrated Dell 945G Chipset. Last week I left my computer in standby for about 3 days because my charger broke and I had to have one shipped out to me by dell. I finally got it and I turn it on and my computer is back to its old ways, running at a good (not the kind of speed I had gotten it to) speed but Madden & MVP do not lag anymore.

To the point, has anyone ever had/heard of this problem?

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Can anyone help me at all?


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Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.

No prob. I solved it though. What it was is I have my virtual memory (about 4.5 gigs) on my backup drive. Stupidly the way Dell made it, the backup drive is only 12 gb. I used all but 1.5 gigs of it, and when I deleted a 3gb game off my backup drive everything sped up again, I just retraced my steps and wanted to know what I had done over the last week that could have slowed it down. Everything runs fast as before, but somehow my games work again at the speed they're supposed to run at. They weren't for the last month and a half, but yay!

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