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    Queens, NY minutes from Shea, Stony Brook when out for college (M-F and every other Sat and Sun) :P
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    Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks, being embarrassed about my teams.

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  1. Wow, I've almost forgotten about this site... that's about it.
  2. Been to Citi 3 straight days now, must say the park is gorgeous, and seems kinda like a compilation of a lot of HOK stadiums. The seats are from CBP, and kind of the way they are arranged. The scoreboard reminds me of Cincy, the outside is completely unique to the Mets, while the walls kind of remind me of Arizona. Can't wait till I know the intricacies of it like I did at Shea, if I can afford to go to a lot of games there since prices are pretty high. In short, can't wait for Opening Day (which really begins tomorrow ).
  3. Haven't been here in a bit, please excuse this post while I shake the rust off... -Now that Facebook has become basically Twitter with picture albums, I decided to get one of those too... twitter.com/ronm3xico if you wish to follow. -I can't wait for opening day, key days till then. 4/2 Should buy a new Mets hat. 4/3 MLB At Bat for iPhone gets released, Mets vs Red Sox at Citi (which I should be going to). 4/5 Longest day of the year, God help me find something to do to get through it without thinking about the Mets too much. 4/6 Opening Day. -Hopefully Maine, Perez and Pelfrey can
  4. Ok, now how do I get to the last page of a thread from the forum home?
  5. -I'm going skiing for a week 15 minutes outside of Quebec City. -Gonna be colder there then back in NYC, we'll be lucky if it hits the side above 0 on the thermometer. -Packed under armour long johns for the skiing, on top of the mountain last time I went it was -40 :| -Bowie is amazing, also been listening to a decent amount of Prince and Michael Jackson. Bowie is to awesome what Prince is to sex and Michael is to love. -Have a bunch of movies lined up for the trip up there, back, and the 4 days there. -I really should be asleep, but I've messed up my regimen so bad that I don't see t
  6. On that note, I love the minimized image thing that you set up.
  7. There's probably nothing too important and I never use this feature but... According to my math 13 posts in 70 topics would be quite difficult to imagine.
  8. Every time I visit the site, I have to re-login, not sure if it's isolated to me, but figured you might want that information.
  9. Everythings good, except the lime. :\ It loads a helluva lot faster though, so I can't complain.
  10. F*cking sick, first time in a while... and yes, the weather is 5 below brick around here too, f*cking east coast winters.
  11. Yes you can tell the difference, it's like watching real life, compared to living real life, dvd vs blu-ray that is. Why are you hoping the Lions don't go winless? Want that first pick again? ;)
  12. Haven't heard Chinese Democracy yet but I can't imagine anything special, even if it did take 17 years to come up with. The important part about Chinese Democracy is http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081120/ap_on_...roses_dr_pepper Getting a iPhone 3G soon to replace my iPhone since I'm switching to AT & T instead of T-Mobile for business expenses. Yay GPS and 3G speeds. (Sean O's in love with these sentiments) I'm getting sick of coding... and this semester... Oklahoma is getting their asses handed to 'em on a silver platter. Watching 30 Rock, gonna see how well that goes, it's g
  13. It'll keep doing that, make something smaller it has less graphics to render, search the forums, there are a couple of posts on this at least, because I remember doing this myself a while back.
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