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Minnesota Twins 2xLite pack 2.0 uploaded


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Hi again!. I hope it is not annoying being posting about every release. By the time I opened this thread I had just uploaded the file. This is my first compressed uniforms pack, and I thought anybody could be interested in knowing about it. Here are two fragments of the 'ReadMe' file:


.-Lastest template style in all jerseys, front buttons a bit darker than the rest of

the file on gray, blue and red jerseys, like in Tampa Bay's pack gray jersey.

.-Ramake of all leg files, that includes darker socks, new catcher legs and new

pinstripes much darker too, to match jersey pattern.

.-Catcher equipment, shoes and cap are darker.

.-Branded Custom (Adidas) batting gloves.

.-Main uniforms front scripts ramade and fixed color and satin effect.

.-Uniform brand (Russeel Athletic) added to left sleeve on all jerseys.

.-Replaced red cap for 'TC' blue version in blue jersey road uniform. Home version

keeps red cap and batting helmet.

.-Updated with k.baethke fonts for numbers and players names.

.-Late 70's uniforms updated too.

.-One extra uniform added.

.-Uniform files compressed to QFS mode, the way stock uniforms come inside models.big.

Thanks to Spitoon for sharing this info with me and PLEASE READ A COMMENT ABOUT QFS


.-Included both, FULL and SAFER instalation batch files........



QFS compression is the mode most FSH graphics com inside *.big files in EA games. It helps

safing space inside very big librarys. The first modder I saw using QFS for his own files

was KCcitystar, and all credit to him for figuring out how to implemet this feature. Then

Spitoon (the guy of the 65 bats to choose from!) gave me the key to use it to compress

uniform files by myself. The adventage of QFS mode is that it helps to keep models.big

file in a not too big size, that may result in a game crash at certain point.

I know some guys like to change certain files that come inside my uniforms, like batting

gloves and shoes, for some others they like more, and that's good 'cause we all can't

have the same preferences. This is easy and there is no problem with non-compressed 915k

2xlite uniforms. But the game will crashes if you try to use a file that's originally

compressed and you used EAgraph, for example to replace any picture. This happens 'cause

you can't mix compressed with uncompressed garphics in the same FSH.

If you want to edit or change any picture that comes inside these compressed files, I

suggest you any of these two ways. I'm assuming you have already changed this kind of

files before:

1) Download the program nfshtool.exe and use it to extract all files to bmp format. Then

replace the files you want, keeping exactly the same size. Rebuild the FSH file and now

you can use your custom uniform.

2) Install the files as used, without making any change. Then use EAgraph.exe to open

models.big and locate the FSH you want to change. Export the file, like if it was a

stock uniform. Now you have a 915k uncompressed version, like the ones I used to upload.

Have in mind that this file has lost it's compress attibute, and although you will be

able to easily change it and use it with no problem, it won't safe space like it was

intended to do.

If you already know how to work with nfshtool.exe, the only difference to build QFS files

is changing the third line in index.fsh, from FSH -> to QFS.

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hey man, are you going to release these unis in sets? something like all the NL East sets all in one file? if you know what i mean. or you could upload your unis file. it would save a lot of time for us.

thanks and keep up the good work.

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Right now, every of my packs have an average size of 2.6 MB, some more, some less. So most of divisional sets would be bigger than 10 MB, If I pack all full versions. I've been thinking about doing it but only with default uniform updates. Also making few changes for a particular team would mean uploading a full division again.

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