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Can't figure out how to convert 2x unis to 2xlite


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I've checked around the forums and done a bit of experimenting with nfshtool, eagraph, etc. but I haven't had any success in converting 2x unis to 2xlite. Would someone here be so kind as to explain how I would go about doing this?

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I guess what Boricua did was:

1) Export the pictures using the program you want, Eagraph I/E, but if you use EAgraph, export to PNG format, and not to BMP. Remember the folder where you put these files in.

2) Now open the fsh file using NFSHTOOL, and edit the file entries of each picture to match 192x192, instead 256x256. If you don't know how to, look for my template kit, and just reading the text file you'll find the steps.

3) Then replace the files you want to resize for blank files with the same size. You can create blank BMP 24-bit color files, or just use any blank template. This is temporal, and the file content is not important, only the format.

4) Rebuild the fsh with NFSHTOOL too and check if the blank files are where they're supouse to be. Now you can use EAgraph to import again the saved 256x256 pictures into the 192x192 spaces.

That should work :D

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