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love fuzzStudio, but need a little help


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I used FuzzStudio for hours this weekend and I have never had so much fun WITHOUT playing a game.

I'm trying to build a league of just old teams from the modder's packages.

My problem is that when I restart the MVP04 game, the default rosters reload and all my work with the studio seems to be lost.

Is there a way to make MVP04 just load my replacement teams?

Example : I replaced the current Yankees team with the 61 Yankees and I can always get it to show up. Same with the '18 Red Sox.

However, the 84 Tigers will show up some times, other times it's the current Tiger team.

This is a great product. If I can just make sure my changes won't be over-ridden, this may become the greatest game ever.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I always check the View met files and select the team and almost all of the time it works well.

I'm basically overwriting every current team, one by one.

My problem is keeping these changes permanent.

It may be the way I am saving profiles, dynasties, something wrong.

I'm very new at this, but having a blast with FuzzStudio.

I've also tried the MVPEdit app and it works well, except on the player portrait issue.

One again thanks for such a great app.

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p.s. I used the classic1.2 team data to start my "project".

Do I need to back that up to my c:studiosin maybe?

I don't mind starting all over, but I just want to make sure I do it the best way this time.

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classics 1.2???


Yeah...you know that classic roster set Alex and Capa did that spit out 30 oldtime teams a few months ago??? I think a few of your team sets used some of the .met files...with my blessing, of course.

Just yanking your crank...hey, when are you going to write a utility that allows for league and division realignment. Wouldn't it be awesome to play as 2 leagues with only one division in each league..the old 16 team league setup!!

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dont think i have time to do that capa.

1994 expos is my last team pack. then im doing the total classics roster set update, then releasing studio 3.0(this is definitely the final studio version).

and then i'll probably do something when 2005 comes out.

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It worked! by taking your suggestion:

"copy the dat files from total classics 1.2 to your studioinfinal_teamdat_files folder."

I am now able to build team by team without the 2004 rosters ever showing up again.

Now to locate some old photos and crack the .loc file problem I'm having.

I'm afraid once I get the league exactly as I want it , the actual game play may be a let down. LOL.

Thanks again.

And thanks to MVPEdit, the duplicate playerID problem I was experiencing no longer exists.

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re: duplicate id problem:

as I began adding teams with FuzzStudio, sometimes when I did the rewrite, I would replace some players on other teams without intending to.

I found that if I imported the data to MVPEdit before writing, it would tell me if it would create that error.

I've about got the system where I want it, thanks to your readme file. I must have gone over it 20 times, now. LOL. It's hard to remember step by step, paricularly on the logos.

BTW, do you know what app I can get to edit the .loc files. The one area I can't get right yet is the team name change, works some times, others not. I figure some of the name stuff must be in the loc files. Right?

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I'll try that tonight. What happens if I started with the previously modded. Is ther any way to make sure I am starting fresh. The names of the teams haven't seemed to have changed. Logos, yes.

Do I need to worry about spacing or anything else?

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