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Sanyo Katana


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We're finally able to get new phones after our old plan expired, and I'm going to go with the Sanyo Katana in black, which is part of the Sprint PCS network. It's basically their version of the RAZR, and it has a slightly bigger screen and longer battery life. Does anybody have this phone and can share any pros and cons?


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I have the blue version of this phone. It is very nice. The colors, photos, etc are beautiful. Very little default backgrounds/ringtones cuz they want u to dl off pcs vision; however, i jus take pictures off my monitor and they are crystal clear. As for ringtones.. u'd have to do it off pcs vision. Buttons are a lil slippery, but not a problem. Only disadvantage is that it doesnt play music; however, that will probably completely absorb the heck out of your battery. I <3 mine. it also has a cool name?

Random Person: Wow, what is that?

Me: It's a Katana.

iono has this cool feeling when u say it.. haha.

In conclusion, if u want something that can play music, dont get this phone, but if you want something that has great connections, good quality, get the KATANA! =]

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