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Kansas City Pirates website banner 10th anniversary request


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My ball team is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2007. We have had one of those leaguelineup sites forever, and the graphic stuff on there is kinda limited. We are in the process of compiling complete career stats and all-time rosters for the 10 years we've been around. Its been neglected as of late, but will be recieving a ton of new vid/pics/info in '07.

So I am requesting a kickass banner thing from one of you sig guys. Here's some links to our basic images/logos

team colors are red, white and black

thanks a ton




(third one is kinda messed, but a direct scan fron the uni front, minus the '06 stuff)


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Here's something I whipped up in a bit of a hurry

It's not much, but I hope it will give you a jumping off point to help decide how you want everything to look.

I will keep working on this if you want. Or I can try something totally different. Or whatever. Let me know. :)


If you have any in-game photos, or possibly an old-team photo, I have several ideas of stuff I could do with those... but above is about the best I could do with my limited resources. (So far - you never know - something might hit me).

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Yeah the images are kinda crappy. Ive got tons of pics thur the years on my old Gateway. Let me transfer them and load onto photobucket.

thanks for your help

Yup. Just let me know. And let me know what you think of the little "test" one I put up so far.

A side note: I'm a little surprised none of the other big "sig" guys have taken a stab at this. Have you tried posting in the actual SIG thread? You might get more responses there. You might even just ask in there and provide a link to this thread, since you've already posted all the info here.

LINK: http://www.mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=...start=6945.html

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The one you made is pretty good. I need to round up those pics, I really like your STL sig. The B/W kicks ****.

Thanks - that's the latest one I made for myself. Definately one of my personal favorites.

It could've said "1985" on there too - except for you bastards. lol. :)

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