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Action Replay Card


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I'm having problems with my Action Replay Memory card. I've been trying to soft mod my xbox, and in the tutorial I was following I had to copy down two codes from the USB (Which you find using USB View) and paste them into the driver inf file. I went on a trip after I started this because I still wasn't having any luck soft modding, and now I can't remember when I was no longer able to get any of my computers to be able to read my memory card. I've deleted the program files and reinstalled, and I still haven't been able to get my memory card read. I've been able to find the original MaxDrive Action Replay driver under and install it, but my memory card still can't be read.This is important to me because I can't do anything with any of my Xbox files on my Xbox because they can't load in game off of the memory card, which is becoming the biggest problem.

Does anybody have any input that can help me?

Also, is there anyway just to format a memory card to how it was originally?

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