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Jays Roster


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OK here are the full current rosters for the Jays as well as their AA/AAA rosters, someone please update them in a new roster pack



43 Miguel Batista

31 Ted Lilly

07 Josh Towers

49 David Bush

24 Sean Douglass


34 Justin Miller (actually an SP)

54 Jason Frasor (CP)

48 Kevin Frederick (not in game/current roster mods)

46 Kerry Ligtenberg

30 Justin Speier

50 Vinnie Chulk (SU)


29 Kevin Cash

09 Gregg Zaun


02 Dave Berg (2B/UT)

25 Carlos Delgado (1B)

03 Chris Gomez (SS/IF)

11 Eric Hinske (3B)

01 Orlando Hudson (2B)

04 Frank Menechino (2B/SS)

05 Chris Woodward (SS)


27 Frank Catalanatto (DH)

21 Gabe Gross (called up from AAA to replace traded 1B/DH Josh Phelps)

37 Reed Johnson

15 Alexis Rios

10 Vernon Wells


26 Valerio De Los Santos (RP)

32 Roy Halladay (SP)

20 Bobby Estalella ©

28 Greg Myers ©

Skychiefs (AAA):


39 Jesus Sanchez

21 Josue Matos (missing)

28 Ryan Glynn

13 Cameron Reimers (missing)

07 Mike Smith (missing)


31 Bob File (sent down from Jays)

35 Talley Haines

23 Jason Kershner

26 David Maurer

15 Mike Nakamura

22 Aquilino Lopez

41 Adam Peterson


34 Tim Whittaker

12 Guillermo Quiroz


27 Russ Adams

10 Howie Clark

25 Shawn Fagan

16 Julius Matos

06 Danny Solano

17 Glenn Williams

-- Eric Crozier


50 Anton French

29 Chad Hermansen

20 Anthony Sanders (missing)


43 Simon Pond (3B/OF-Olympics leave)

18 Glenn Williams (IF)

14 Marvin Benard (OF)

17 Noah Hall (OF)

Fishercats (AA):


08 Chris Baker

24 Joshua Banks

22 Brandon League

30 Derek Lee (missing/removed from DL Saturday)

32 Francisco Rosario

17 Travis Thompson (missing)


14 Gustavo Chacin (missing)

18 Jordan DeJong (missing)

19 Ryan Houston (missing)

21 Dan Jackson (missing)

29 John Ogiltree (missing)

07 Jordy Templet (missing)

20 James Vermilyea (missing)


12 Paul Chiafreddo

16 Victor Valencia (missing)


03 Brad Hassey (missing-SS)

25 John Hattig (3B)

05 Aaron Hill (SS)

23 Dominic Rich (2B/IF)

31 Michael Snyder (UT)


27 Tyrell Godwin

09 John-Ford Griffin

10 Maikel Jova

11 Justin Singleton


22 Dustin McGowan (SP)

26 Todd Ozias (RP-missing)

15 Jose Umbria ©

-- Stubby Clapp (IF-missing)

32 Rob Cosby (IF-missing)

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So for the time being I made Roy Halladay a RP on the Jays to fill Jason Frederick on my version.. made a 21 man roster for AAA-Syracuse and I have a 13-man roster for AA-New Hampshire but filled it in with the injured Jays/AA/AAA players to make 20

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Well I got the scouting report on Kevin Frederick and some pitching stats.. I don't know about his control

Kevin Frederick


6'1", 215lbs


Bats: Left

Throws: Right

Fielding glove: black

Born: Nov. 4, 1976

4-seam Fast ball: 92-96MPH

Slider: 90-94MPH

Change up: 88MPH

Career MLB Stats (not including 2004):

G: 8

IP: 11.2

W: 0

L: 0

SV: 0

SO: 5

BB: 10

ERA: 10.03

2004 stats:

G: 6

IP: 8.0

W: 0

L: 0

SV: 0

SO: 7

BB: 1

ERA: 6.75

He has no 2003 stats in MLB.. he played in AAA and AA all of 2003

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Here's a pic of him


The Jays made some other changes today as well..

SP Sean Douglass was moved to the BP and SP Justin Miller was moved from the BP to the rotation.. they also fired their manager and the 1B coagh John Gibbons is now the manager for now

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