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  1. KG.. just to let you know, the Jays released Tomo Ohka today
  2. I don't know if this issue has been addressed but the team changer won't let you become the Los Angeles Angels
  3. I actually got an inside the park home run last night with Aaron Hill in my dynasty at Comerica Park and it was listed as a home run in the boxscore.
  4. cybernetic


    can someone make me a new Jays one? Put as many of the Jays stars on it as you can
  5. Didn't Danks get traded to Chicago in the Brandon McCarthy trade?
  6. To all those guys commenting about the forum fanatics crap.. I still come on the forum a lot I just don't post as much because it's not the baseball season right now.
  7. I can play poker with absolutely no emotion so people started calling me a cyborg
  8. That's cuz the game doesn't include salary arbitration which keeps young players salary lower.. the game engine will then make them want really big contracts leading to them being free agents
  9. yea it is the season total but only for guys who commited errors in that particular game
  10. No no.. in the game when you look at the boxscore along with the below the team's boxscore it has BATTING, BASERUNNING, FIELDING and PITCHING You have batting and baserunning in the box score display but not fielding or pitching. Pitching I believe just shows wild pitches or something. FIELDING has who committed errors and beside it, which error number it is
  11. Maybe when you edit it could you get it to list the things below the boxscore listed as "FIELDING" in the game.. really it only lists errors but then we know how many errors a guy has made without checkin in-game
  12. I played a 14 inning game yesterday and it overlapped the play-by-play for the first with the 14th inning
  13. well with most normal game boxscores pinch runners, pinch hitters, relief pitchers, defensive subs are all indented. Pinch hitters listed with a letter before them and who they what they did in the pinch hit at-bat and when and runners with a number before them and who the ran for and when. i.e. Wells, CF .... a-Rios, PH ... 1-Hinske, PR a-grounded out for Wells in the 9th. 1-Rran for Rios in the 9th.
  14. Shouldn't PR's be indented like PH's?
  15. I wonder if it would be possible to show holds in the pitching box score
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