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New York Yankee History


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Natinal League 1899 Baltimore Orioles Disbandment in 1900.

Baltimore Orioles came back as part of the New American League withsome of the players of the original NL Baltimore team, including the Player manager John McGraw.

* Players that played for both NL Baltimore and AL Baltimore

NL Baltimore Orioles1899 Players

1b C. LaChance

2b DeMontreville

3b John McGraw *

SS B. Keister *

RF J. Sheckard

CF S.Brodie *

LF D.Holmes

C W.Robinson *







J.Nap *

H.Howell *

In 1902 many of those players loyal to John McGraw left the AL Baltimore Orioles and played for the NY Giants in midseason when John McGraw became the manger of the New York Giants.

Those player were:

P J. McGinnity

1B D.McGann

SS B.Gibert

3B R.Bresnahan

1901 P J.McGinnity Had a 26-21 record 48 Game

1902 P J.McGinnity Had a 13-10 record 25 Games Baltimore

1902 P J.McGinnity Had a 8-8 record 19 Games NewYork Giants

1903 P J.McGinnity Had a 31-20 record 55 Games New York Giants

In 1903 Baltimore Move to New York and became the New York Highlanders. 1903 to 1912. Name Change to the New York Yankees in 1913.

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