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  1. OK KGB, just to make sure I'm doing this right, I did a bit of research to get an idea of what I need to do... Firstly, I install the models.big and the September update that I found on EA Mods. Next, I install your rosters. Then, to update my dynasty roster stuff without changing the teams, I start a new dynasty, run the following program: http://www.mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=19322.html, and then switch to my real dynasty, run this program: http://www.mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=28835.html, and then I should be good. Anything wrong with that plan?
  2. OK KG, I need some help. Thus far, I've used Ultimate Rosters with the Big Shmooz models.big. If I want to switch to your rosters, I need to download your rosters, obviously. To switch the models.big how would I obtain the MVP 07 models.big without reinstalling MVP07? Also, how would I update the files in my current dynasty so that it doesn't crash? I can use Tywiggins' datafile extractor utility, so would I just start a new dynasty, extract the files, and then import them? I want it so that player information (IE, batter ratings, etc), and cyberface numbers match and everything, but I want the rosters (IE, specific teams, team lineups, etc) to stay the same. Which datafiles would I want to import into my original dynasty? Do you understand what I'm asking? I can clarify if needed. Thanks, TS
  3. Just minimize and run the extractor.
  4. Random thought now that I have to say because I thought it was funny.. I was in San Francisco yesterday and I saw a hobo with the following sign: "Keep your coins, I want change" Just thought it was funny, though kind of sad really.
  5. Cavicchi... You of course realize that when you say... ... He has a lower ERA thus far in '07 than he did in '06.
  6. TwentySeven


    Next time Cano homers, I will make a Canowned wallpaper.
  7. For CPU Swing Frequency, do you raise or lower the number if you want them to swing less? Thanks, TS
  8. Among qualifying second basemen last season, he had the highest OPS+ in the league. Most defensive metrics agree that he is about average fielding wise. He is just 24. .342 average last season as a 23 year old - the Replacement Level Yankees Blog did some research and found that almost every player to bat that high at such a young age had a very good career. http://yankeefan.blogspot.com/2007/02/look...inson-cano.html He also had the most doubles among all second basemen last season - hitters who get lots of doubles are the ones most likely to be consistently good or better. http://baseballanalysts.com/archives/2007/...uble_minded.php
  9. It has been asked millions of times - we can't expand to 40 man rosters in September. Sorry.
  10. Hey, Ty, looks good. Mind explaining more in depth the functionality of this program in relation to the DL? If I understand right, basically you can use this to edit the number of days a player is on the DL. So, if a player has a 10 day injury, you place him on the DL ingame and then you can use this program to edit the DL stint down to 10 games if you want. Am I right?
  11. I think you can because the new models.big files come with an roster updater that will edit your rosters to be compatible. However, I'm not sure.
  12. Yeah, it's just MLB, but I got some of the minor league injuries from SwinginSoriano's injury list... Most of it is just from Rotoworld, so I guess you could just go there to get it too, but they have newer injuries. The minor league injuries: Hector Gimenez (HOU): Out for season (rotator cuff) Laynce Nix (MIL): 15+ days (strained right oblique) Adam Harben (CHC): Out for season (Tommy John surgery) Juan Mateo (CHC): Out 15+ days (right shoulder stiffness) Doug Waechter (TB) - 1 month (Shoulder/rotator cuff) Yhency Brazoban (LAD): Out until ASB (TJ surgery) Joe Inglett (CLE): Out for 15 days (Strained Left quad) Franklin Gutierrez (CLE): Out for 1 month (strained left hamstring) Travis Bowyer (FLA): Out for season (Shoulder surgery) Carlos Martinez (FLA): Out for season (TJ surgery) Sean West (FLA): Out for season (arthoscopic shoulder surgery) Juan Padilla (NYM) Out for one month (tj surgery recovery) Brandon Claussen (WSH): Out until May (rotator cuff) Ryan Keefer (BAL) Out for season (TJ surgery) Jose Acevedo (BAL): Out for season (Motorcycle accident) John Hudgins (SD) Out for season (TJ surgery) Thomas Diamond (TEX): Out for season (TJ surgery) Adam Bernero (BOS): Out for season (TJ surgery) Miguel Perez (CIN): Out until ASB (Surgery to remove rib) Jeff Keppinger (CIN): 4 to 6 weeks (broken finger) Jerry Gil (CIN): Out for three months (sore elbow) Leo Nunez (KC): two weeks (hairline fracture in hand) Alejandro Machjado (MIN): Out for season (labrum) Jeff Karstens (NYY): Out for fifteen days (stiff elbow) Christian Garica (NYY) - Out for season (TJ) Mark Melancon (NYY) - Out for season (TJ) Jose Veras (NYY): Out for 2 -3 months (bone chips in elbow) J.B. Cox (NYY): Out for season (TJ surgery) Humberto Sanchez (NYY): 15+ days? (elbow inflamation) FREE AGENTS: Glendon Rusch (FA): Out for season (Blood clot) Travis Harper (FA) - Out for season (shoulder surgery) Sorry it's kind of dirty and unorganized, I didn't get around to organizing it.
  13. I propose that we make all the injuries accurate to Opening Day (yesterday), because most dynasties start on Opening Day anyways. If you guys want, I have the complete Opening Day Major League injury list which I saved because I was going to use it in my dynasty.
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