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Who should be the closer?  

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    • Joel piniero
    • Mike timlin
    • craig hansen
    • papplebon

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Theo epstein has announced his goals for this season and the future of the redsox organisation .epstein was quoted as saying " If we can reach these goals i am certain we wont have to wait another 86 years for a championship".Epstein also announced the teams starting lineup and rotation with little suprise in either. In the bullpen epstein and francona have as expected announced Joel piniero as the closer. Piniero was quoted as saying" the management feel that i can save games and im dtermined to prove them right". Elsewhere in the organisation the sox have announced that john lester he recently has been cured of cancer will start the season in AAA Pawtuckett.




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The Boston Red sox open up there season with a 3 game set against the royals. The royals where the worst team in baseball last season however it was a sweep of the red sox by the royals that virtually ended there season so the red sox will surley be out to seek revenge.



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Long Ball Hurts Sox (5-8)

The boston red sox got off to dissapointing start to the season when they where handed an8-5 lodd by the KC Royals. The game started off at a lightning pace when Julio Lugo took the 2nd pitch he saw to deep left however the shortstop was denied a homerun by a spectacular play by the royals leftfielder.The sox did score a run in the inning thanks to a by manny ramierez. It was however the last time the sox had the lead as the royals seized control of the game thanks to a 3run home run by mike sweeney. in the next inning the royals taxked on 4 more runs thanks to 2 2run homers . Curt schilling did not look himself today at all as he gave up 7 er while striking out only 1 batter through 5 innings. Gil Meche out to prove that he is worth 55 million$ wasnt spectacular either giving up 5 earned runs over 6.1 innings.

Great play in leftfield


The first pitch of the season


Buck takes schilling deep!


Drew went 0 for 4 in his first start as a sox



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You need to put the Box Score up there. Also, you should proof-read all posts in regard to your dynasty. Try to correct your grammar a tad, and there is the odd word that is MIA. Sorry if it sounds like I am nagging; I am simply trying to help this dynasty reach its potential. I'll be watching.

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The Boston Red sox went out today determined to record their first victory of the season. In a way they where nearly overly determined as over agressiveness and impatience at the plate cost them dear.All day long the sox where swinging at stuff outside the zone and making poor contact. The key moment in the game came in the 6th inning when Ryan Shealy hit a 2 run homerun off an otherwise solid Josh Beckett 6.0IP 3 ER . The one saving grace for the red sox was David Ortiz who hit a Homer in the first and an rbi double in the 6th buy alas it was not enough.Hideji Okajima made his mlb debut pitching 1.2 innings and notching 2 strikeouts.


Beckett starts the game off with a k


Ortiz goes yard


Hideki's first big league k



On a side note Matsuzaka mania begins offically 7:05pm est tomoorow

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You need to put the Box Score up there. Also, you should proof-read all posts in regard to your dynasty. Try to correct your grammar a tad, and there is the odd word that is MIA. Sorry if it sounds like I am nagging;
will do

I am simply trying to help this dynasty reach its potential. I'll be watching.
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"The guys are heartbroken in there right now to be so close to victory twice and to end up losing it ...well there's no real other word to describe it but heartbroken "They were the words of Boston manager Terry Francona after his bullpen blew a 3run lead in the bottom of the 9th and then after taking a 1 run lead in the 10th blew it again.To put it simply the sox bullpen blew it!, after Daisuke Matsuzaka had lived up to all his hype going 8.0 innings and allowing just 5 hits 1 walk and 2 earned runs while striking out 5 he handed the ball over to Joel Piniero who promplty gave up 2 base hits to load the bases there then was a double play ground ball which score a run and moved a runner to third.On the very next pitch Piniero gave up a 2 run home run to Mark Tehan to tie the game . In the top of the tenth Manny Ramierez (who earlier in the day had been involved in back to back to back homeruns by Ortiz Manny himself and drew)wen yard for his second jack of the day. But the sox bullpen woes continued in the bottom of the tenth as Brendan Donnely gave up back to back singles . Timlin then replaced him but he gave up a single which scored both runners and ended the game.The blown saves by Piniero and Donnely raise major question marks about the Sox pen as these two guys where expected to be the main men at the end of close games.






And Drew go back-to-back-to-back in the first


Matsuaka was as expected "brilliant"


Dice-K's first K


Piniero blew the save on this homerun


The winning run scores


* i tried using box score extracor but it didnt work so this will have to do for now i will begin using extractor in the next game*


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After a 3 game sweep by the Kansas City Royals the Boston Red Sox went out today looking to get their first win of the season over the Texas Rangers. The Rangers (1-2) will be hosting the Red Sox in their home opener for the second straight year.

In a suprise move before the game Terry Francona announced that Captain Jason Varitek would be catching the knuckleball of Tim Wakefield. Francona was quoted as saying " As we are in a 3 game slump i feel that it is important for us to have our captain on the field". When questioned about Varitek's defensive ability to catch the flutterball Francona refused to comment suggesting that he was worried.

As it turns out he needn't have been as Wakefield pitched excellently 8.0 IP

1ER 6H and 7 K's. Varitek also contributed to the 5-2 win with an rbi . In the bullpen Piniero was called upon to get the save but after he gave up a hit after an 8 pitch at bat Francona pulled him in favour of Japanese import

Hideki Okajima who got his first big league save. Speaking after the game through a translator Okajima said he had accomplished a life long dream by closing a MLB game.


"Wake" was superb


Lowell connects on a rbi double


Okajima gets his first career SV



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"Well the defense made a couple of great plays behind me and that gave me the confidence to start throwing in the zone". They where the words of Sox pitcher Jonathon Papplebon who gave a masterfull performance as he striked out 9 batters over 7.1 innings and only giving up 1 earned run thanks to a solo shot from Mark Texeira. Papplebon's pitchin was needed as although he only gave up 1 run the sox could only manage 2 thanks to a Manny Ramirez home run and a Dustin Pedroia sac fly(The sox also grounded into an outstanding 5 double plays). The Sox bullpen shut the door on the Rangers with Timlin pitching 1.2 innings to get a win and then Okajima got the save.

This win changes the Sox record to 2-3.



Papelbon collected 9 k's including this one


Young disapointed with the loss


Gange was not "Mister Game Over "today


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The brooms where in the air at Ameriquest as the Boston Red Sox completed a 3 game sweep of the Texas Rangers . Curt Schilling pitched like a true ace tossing 8 shutout innings before handing the ball over to Mike Timlin who came in for the save as Francona did not want to use Okajima for 3 staright days. The Sox offence again failed to inspire as there only 2 runs came from solo shots by David Ortiz his third of the year and Coco Crisp his first. The Sox have ended this short road trip with a .500 win record which the Red Sox will be satisfied with . The 3 game sweep of the Rangers should give the Sox lots of momentum heading into their home opener against Seattle.

Boston's win took their record to 3-3


Papi goes deep


Schilling was superb


Crisp goes deep


Timlin got the save


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who will you make the closer? personally i think it should be piniero.
Good question SES the plan at the start of the year was to insert Piniero to the closer role however after blowing a save against the mighty offence of KC and then in his second oppurtunity allowing the tieing and goahead run on base before being pulled it apperas that Piniero has fallen out of favour with Sox manager Francona .His role in the pen at the moment is unsure but what is sure is that for the present time Piniero will not closing games

Are you going with a closer by committe approach for now?
Great question kaplerisking it is unclear at the moment what the sox pen will be doing . They feel however that they do have enough skill inhouse so a trade seems unlikley. Wheter the sox will go closer by comitee or not remains unclear as there were problems with this in the past which have been well documented ('03 season) . So far this year 2 prime candidates have emerged as favourites for the role Hideki Okajima who is 2for2 in oppurtunites with a 0.00era and Mike timlin who is 1for1 in oppurtunites and with a 0.00 era also with a win . The Sox also have Craig Hansen who could be a darkhorse for the role. It now seems highly unlikely that the Sox will be returning Jon Papplebon to the role due to his fantastic

first start.

Great questions guys keep em comin

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A victory in Fenway on opening day over the Seattle Mariners took the Boston Red Sox's season record to 4-3 . The Sox were powered to victory on the back of a 3homer 6rbi day from Manny Ramierez . JD.Drew also had a bid day in his Fenway debut as he knocked 2 solo shots out of the yard for .The other runs for the sox in the 10-7 win came from a david Ortiz single and a Mike Lowell homer. Manny afterwards dedicated the homeruns to his sick mother. Manny has been on a tear lately and after today's performance his statline reads as this. 445.avg 6hr and 11rbi in just 7 games.Josh Beckett who had trouble with the long ball all last year had trouble again as he allowed 3 home runs for 5 rbi's and allowed a runner in the 7th that eventually would score off Brendon Donnely

Hideki Okajima came in and pitched a perfect 9th for his 3rd save of the season.


Fenway on opening no prettier sight in baseball


Beckett struggled with the long ball today


Drew trots round the bases after one of his 2 homeruns


Manny being Manny (3-5 3hr 6rbi)


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