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  1. The reason I see Novoa making the team and Wuertz/Cotts not is because Cotts and Wuertz have options and Novoa does not IIRC. I think Pagan is a virtual lock, as the Cubs would like Cedeno to start and Pagan is the only true CF on the roster. Plus, the chances of the Cubs carrying three lefties on the roster are slim, IMO. Marshall is definitely going to AAA. No way in hell he's making the team barring injuries. The Cubs want him to start, and to do that, he's goin' to Iowa.
  2. Hey, downloaded these to fix the UR/MVPEdit crashing issue. Just a few various suggestions: Cubs: -Flip Izturis and DeRosa's batting order spots -Soriano and Jones' positions should be swapped -Swap Marshall, Cotts, Wuertz and Cedeno for Wade Miller, Ryan Theriot, Angel Pagan, and Novoa(?) (forgot who I brought up when I edited) -Carlos Zambrano's speed needs to be upped....he actually runs quite well for his size, I've seen him get a base hit bunt, and he stole a base. Same for Jason Marquis, who is faster and has been used as a pinch-runner. Maybe 65 and 72 respectively. Devil
  3. Any ETA on when the patch will be out? No hurry, just wondering. Keep up the good work.....
  4. Thanks, looks awesome!
  5. Can someone make me a sig with Carlos Zambrano on it. (My Carl Crawford/Nomar Garciaparra as a Cub sig was kinda outta date lol) Thanks!
  6. No, I was bored and decided I wanted to challenge myself and make sigs.
  7. Add Disengage and Disastros. Didn't McDiddy make sigs also???
  8. Sort of crappy sig........
  9. Well, it's his opinion.
  10. I use VCW VicMan's Photo Editor.
  11. Mine, or Whoiskarimgarcia's???
  12. Where did I say your sig sucked??
  13. Here's a sig for any Cub fan
  14. Here's another creation. Comments?
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