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My Fantasy Team


Rate my team 1-5, 5 being unbeatable.  

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So here's my first fantasy baseball team for this season. I just got done drafting it.


At first, you'll notice there aren't many big, star players on it. I tried drafting players who I predict will have breakout years or rebound from a tough season a year ago.

C-McCann, can't do much better than that, save Joe Mauer.

1b-My first pick went to Howard, and nobody should be surprised if he hits that many HRs this season. And he should continue to hit for a good average because he is very adept at hitting the ball to center and left. I've also got Cuddyer, Swisher, and Kendrick all eligible for 1st.

2b-Kendrick will be the starter for the Angels, and the kid can flat out rake. He was one of my last picks, and I think he'll be a steal. Anytime you can get a pretty productive 2b late in the draft, you've done well.

3b- I fully expect Chavez to rebound from a pretty terrible offensive year last season. I've also got Bill Hall to play there in case Chavez continues his struggles.

SS-I actually didn't draft a SS, but luckily, Hall is eligible for SS, and he instantly becomes one of the top SS in terms of power in the league.

OF-I've got good power from all 3 OF spots. Swisher should raise his average a little bit this season, and that gives me a pretty formidable OF.

UTIL: I spent one of my last picks of Luke Scott, who will hopefully be fulltime RF for the Astros. He killed the ball last year in limited time, and I think he could do that all season long this year.

Offensive Weaknesses:

-No Speed: Sizemore is my only SB threat. Kendrick can run a little, but I don't expect him to steal many bags.

-No versatility: I've got 4 guys that can play 1b, but that's the easiest position to fill in fantasy baseball. Bill Hall will soon be eligible for OF, but that doesn't mean much for me. It's more important that he keep his SS eligibility.

SP: I can't complain with my top 3 starters being Cain, Oswalt, and Sabathia. I'll get plenty of Ks and a good WHIP for all 3. I'm regretting picking Lowe, as he's not a great fantasy contributor. Anibal Sanchez, on the other hand, could be a great pick. He didn't throw a no hitter on accident last season. He's the real deal. He has some current injury problems, but nothing serious. Scott Olsen should be tremendous for Ks from a lefty. As many of you already know, I've been a huge supporter of the Cubs' pickup of Lilly. I think he'll be fantastic in the NL.

RP: I'm pretty sure I couldn't do any better here. Saves are the name of the game, which usually lead to good ERA totals and good WHIPS. Every RP I have will be their team's closer this season, so I'm looking good here.

Pitching Weaknesses

Honestly, I see no weaknesses here. I've got great ERA, WHIP, and save numbers. I'm a little worried about Ks, but I think I'll be alright there.

I think I did a pretty good job with this team, although I think I should've drafted another SB threat. I truly believe my pitching is unbeatable.

So there's my team. Please rate it!

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The offensive is nice, but that offense has a few questions.

1) Eric Chavez tends to always get injured during the season and I don't know who is on the waivers, but I'm assuming no one is near the level of Chavy.

2) Billy Hall is also another question. Yes he did have a great year but how come he hasn't done it the past years?

Besides Howard, I don't see another smasher on the offense so that might come back to haunt you later.

The pitchers are good but that offense is questionable to me.

And when you said that all your "RPs" will be the closer on ther team, I ses Saito loosing the job to Broxton.

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We had a whole discussion on Bill Hall a couple weeks ago. He had a great year in 05 with limited at bats, and finally got to play every day last season, and produced good numbers. The same should happen this season.

I've got some good HR hitters in Swisher, Hall, and Scott. The only thing is their RBIs aren't great because their respective teams don't have anyone on base in front of them.

I think it's Saito's to lose. He had a fantastic year last season, and I think Broxton will open up as the setup man to begin the year. Speaking of him, I might consider picking him up for Torres. Thanks for your input.

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Also on the philosophy of planning the hitters/pitchers " breakout year," that is very risky. There is a reason why the proven guys are drafted early in the draft. Mostly likely, everything has to go right for a breakout year especially from guys like Luke Scott and Howie Kendrick. The pitching is a diff case since there are some proven guys there so its pretty much the hitter that i'm skeptical of.

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It looks to me like this team could either be very very good, or very very bad. It really depends on how players like Chavez, Cuddyer, Hall, Swisher, and Kendrick do. The power should be there but steals and batting average may be a concern. Olsen and Sanchez may or may not have some growing pains this season as the league ajusts, but with Oswalt, Sabathia, and Cain, it shouldn't be too much of a problem even if they do. The bullpen is good with Ryan and Jenks. With this team the good pitching should help get through any offensive problems if any of the aforementioned players regress. That having been said, what is there not to like about a team that has Ryan Howard and Grady Sizemore. This team should be fighting for first throughout the season.

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i was about to say that it looks like a pretty solid year, providing all of your players stay consistent and your rookies stay solid.

that being said, i would give you a high five had this been a rotisserie league.

h2h, you're not going to stand up due mainly to your pitching and your lack of speed.

out of 12, i'll say you'll be 3rd or 4th until you make some early-season wavier moves.

however, if everyone stays healthy, good luck - i can see you going nicely into the playoffs, esp. given the way your rookies aren't likely to sit those games out.

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