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Help; Toys 'R Us Website


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So I'm surfing through the IGN.com boards for MLB 2k7, and I see that someone has found out that you can order MLB 2k7 for $10 off if you sign up with Google Checkout. Well I Do that, and with shipping and taxes (Motherfuckers) it comes to $25. I'm thinking "Well at least I'll save $5 and it'll be here a little late". Well I look there today and it says "Order now before it ships 3/12/2007" MARCH 12th? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It ships TOMORROW everywhere else, and it's original release date was MARCH 6TH!

So two things:

1)Never order from Toys 'R Us

2)Does anyone have any information that would help me? Is there something I'm missing? Do they do this just to mess with people?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

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