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I need some new gear! advice?


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Ok, im going to buy some new gear i was thinking about this:

Nike Pro Gold Tradition 12"(i play 3b and i don't like 11" etc gloves)


Nike Air Huarache 2K4 Conversion(i don't like molded cleats and i can't use metal so i really like interchangeable)



Addidas Excel IC Pro Low


I already have batting gloves Diamond Elite V maybe i get some Jordan batting gloves cause i like the way they look:P


Any tips advice i live in The Netherlands so i need a store that ships internationally.

Max for a Fielding Glove is 250$

Max for batting gloves 50$

Max for shoes 100$

Any knows a good 'setup' with this price range?

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Well, I played Third, and LF/RF, and I used a Easton 13" glove. I dont remember the model of it, but I do remember that (shoot, cant remember his name) the starting 3B for Oakland uses/endorses it. I had only 1 error in three years, and thats because I was trying to be fancy and do a behind the shoulder catch while looking into the sun.

Best thing about it, it was like $27! And my teammates, whenever they forgot their gloves, and I wasn't playing, everyone'd ask for mine, because not only was it cool looking, but it was firm and soft at the same time.

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59FIFTY, Here's the setup I can recommend for you:


Wilson A2000 12.5" - 189.99

I used a Wilson mitt and they have never failed me. AVOID Nike branded fielding gloves.


Keep these interchangeable cleats:


I tried these on at my friend's house, who owns a pair, and these felt well, to quote Ace Ventura, LIKE A GLOVE.


Since I've made the move to SSK, I keep my Wilson mitt as a backup. I usually pitch but when I play 1B I keep one of these babies handy:


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I use Franklin batting gloves, and I never had a problem with them. I even wore one on my fielding hand, amd it took the sting from line drives too! I catch almost everything in my palm if it on the fly, or a pop up. If its a roller, I try to use my hand, or if all else fails, the webbing.

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