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Gaming Intangibles


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As I'm playing Madden 06 right now with the 97 Broncos, I'm thinking:

"Wow, this is such a basic feature (Classic teams), yet it's so important, and it makes a huge difference"

So this got me thinking. What's your "intangible" feature in video games? Something small, but you can't live without it. Here's some of mine

Sports, in general, the create a player screen or player editor. Big kudos if you can edit existing ones, even bigger if you can edit facial hair, etc (although I haven't seen this since NBA 2k2). Even more kudos if you have the Tiger Woods facial edit screen (FIFA, MVP NCAA).

Baseball, the pitch breaks. It always pissed me off (MVP, ahem) when players like Zito have these weak curveballs, even at 99. This is a small enough thing to where it isn't a gameplay foundation type function.

Hockey: I haven't played a hockey game in a while, although NHL 2005 would've been perfection if it weren't for way too much hitting. Hit animations and hit frequency apply here.

That's all I can really think of right now. The only consistent thing with sports games should be that they all should have a deep Franchise mode before they ever dive into Owner Mode. Lots of roster and player editing options too.

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