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Rating MLB Teams by stats


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I'm doing a school project, and I decided to see what way of evaluating a player works better - using statistical analysis or observational scouting. It's obviously an imperfect way of getting to the real answer, but I devised a system where it includes rating each team from -10 to 10; -10 being using the almost all scouting, and 10 using the almost all statistics. It focusing mainly on the GM in trades and signings rather than managers during games.

Here's what I've come up with, but I want your opinion on it, since I know it's not as accurate as it could be:

AL East

Yankees > 5

Red Sox > 7

Blue Jays > 6

Orioles > 1

Devil Rays > -3


White Sox > 3

Tigers > -2

Twins > 5

Royals > 0

Indians > 3


Mariners > -1

Oakland > 9

Angels > 2

Rangers > -3

NL East

Mets > 4

Phillies > 2

Braves > -4

Marlins > -2

Nationals > 1


Cardinals > 2

Brewers > 3

Cubs > -1

Houston > 3

Cincinnati > -3

Pittsburgh > 0


Dodgers > 2

Padres > 2

Diamondbacks > -2

San Francisco > 1

Colorado > -3

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Very well said KG!

Points off for not drafting college players twentyseven? Their scout and farm system is one of the best in baseball if not the best.

The point was, that is very much "observational" scouting as opposed to statistics. High school statistics are pretty much worthless, and they have to go almost entirely on projectability

And how well has that worked for them? They've got the best scouting staff in the MLB, I believe.

I merely meant "Take off points" as in based on the system that ABC is using, more "observational" means left points. I agree that the Braves do have good scouting.

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After reading more about the Braves, I've realized they are one of the most scouting-based organizations out there. I changed that, along with some other minor tweaks to the ratings. (And yes, it's not judging how good the team's scouting system is, just how much they use statistics, which for no particular reason is higher, and how much they scout observationally, which is lower on the "scale".)

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