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hey guys, ive been involved with a similar website for NHL series modding for about a year now, and have interest in learning how to mod mvp. im looking for tutorials, if there are any, or basic instruction on replacing a AA team with a local minor league team (Newark Bears). this would involve rosters, which i know how to do, jerseys, which i almost know how to do, and a stadium. i have big gui, fshed, oedit, and photoshop, and have a lot of experience with them.

i guess my first specific question is where do the files go from the jersey template?

also, how do i extract the .ord/.orl files for stadiums?

everything else i should be able to figure out. if not, ill just have to post again. thanks a lot guys :D

edit:oh, and i apologize if you guys have heard this a million times before. i searched the forums and couldnt find anything. thanks again

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