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portrait.big file for Total Classics roster uploaded


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I have uploaded a portraits.big file that will work with the TeamFuzz Total Classics roster.

Because of a limitation with gfxpak, a gfxpak error will appear in MVPEdit if the portrait.big file contains more than 2998 portraits. If you install all of the portraits contained in the TeamFuzz Total Classics Roster package, you will exceed the 2998 portrait limit.

This portrait.big file contains all of the Total Classics Roster portraits but is below the 2998 portrait limit.

To create this file, I started from scratch by grabbing the default EA portrait.big file from MVP2004 CD #2. Being a Yankees fan, I then updated the Yankees and Red Sox portraits with those created by BoricuaPapi1885.

Using a combination of MVPEdit and NTNGod's MVP photo list spreadsheet (you can get this on the front page of his website - http://www.highheat2004.net), I was able to identify players that are not in the roster files included with the TeamFuzz Total Classics Roster set.

I started removing portraits for the "missing" players until I got down to about 2075 in the portrait.big file (it took me a while). I then added all of the portraits in FuzzOne's Classic Roster set (there are 875 portraits). This brought my total up to about 2950 portraits in the file. I fired up MVPEdit and everything now works fine for me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that this portrait file is intended for the TeamFuzz Total Classics Roster set v2.0 ONLY. If you use this portrait file for any roster other than this one, you may find that some portraits are missing (if a player not in the Total Classics Roster IS in another roster you are using).

Also, be aware that the download file is about 69 Meg in size, so it could take a while to download.

Here's a link to the file: http://www.mvpmods.com/pafiledb/pafiledb.p...file&id=959


- Jim

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