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up to date .mbe roster file.


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if anybody out there has an up to date roster .mbe file they would like to donate to the Bambino fund for me to work on with pitch speeds, much appreciation would be in due. credits would also include that/those persons name on when i'm done. thank you.

i know you say i could just do that with regular mvp and release it as a roster, but i need to up pitch speed velocities were needed and also reduce them. this is also an open forum for any suggestions on speeds. this is a trial and error type thing so the faster i can get a .mbe file and get working, the faster and i can finish and release.

ideas thus far:

slower curveballs, faster curveballs, faster splitters, less moving splitters, faster/slower curveballs, slower fastballs, advanced movement knuckleballs etc., etc., etc.

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