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hey Umachines

i've been trying to edit your atlanta braves uni pack.

trying to change the batting gloves and shoes.

btw you did an awesome job on it.

but whenever i change one part of the file like say the bottom 1/2 of the batting glove, and then try to import another bmp, it'll give me an error.

i also tried exported them all with nfshtool and it gives me a memory error.

so i exported all of the .fsh manually with eagraph, then made the .bmp of the gloves and shoes i wanted to use and made .fsh, then i wanted to make the new u025a.fsh file with all of the exported .fsh files, but it gives me errors.

could you help me out a bit please. thanks man

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Unpacking the fsh file with nfshtool, replacing the bmp files with 24-bit bmp's the same size and rebulding with nfshtool should work.

Also try installing the uniforms and extracting them with EAgraph, like any stock uniform. Then you should be able to edit them with EAgraph too.

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