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I Loved the Way She Said "L.A." - 2009 Dodgers Dynasty


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Like the subject says, this is a Dodgers Dynasty taking place in the year 2009. I simmed the 2008 season using KG's latest rosters (only trade has been the Holliday trade) and using the Team Changer during the Sign Players period during the Off Season so I could release all of the actual MLB level real-life free agents and see where they end up in the game. I also released Andruw Jones.


Level: All-Star

Datafile: MVP 08 Default

Sliders: Own Personal Set

Rosters: KG's Latest Plus

Batting Order:


Pitching Rotation: Jonathon Broxton is the Closer


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injury brigade workin setup lol. good luck.

Haha yeah, thanks. Taking a chance with Wood and Gagne. Good thing though, if one of them slacks off or gets hurt, I have some pretty good minor league relievers waiting to be called up.

It's always good to see a Dodgers dynasty. Good luck!

Just two questions: Is Matt Kemp really that good? And why did you release Andruw??? :sad:

First of all, thanks. I haven't really seen a good Dodgers dynasty since Spivey back in the day, so I figured I'd roll with them. I guess Kemp may have progressed fairly well during the offseason. I might need to use ronmexico's progression mod. And as far as releasing Andruw, I don't like him at all, and I've never been able to hit with him as well. No point in him taking up bench room and bitching about not playing, lol.

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