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Fuzz-what am I doing wrong?


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I used the name changer and imported feng and lfeng but do not see the names of the teams in the game itself. In fact, it now shows the original minor league names for all the classic teams.

All I did was change the 61 Pirates to 1960 since that is the team that is in the Total Classics file, and I renamed the 1905 Giants to the 1962 Giants after I imported that team in via MVPEDIT. I exported the dat files in MVPEDIT and I can use the teams in exhibition play...but the names do not show up. The logos do...but not the names of any classic team in AA or AA.

What file is missing or didn't I copy over?


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hi :D

ok, first, when u downloaded total classics 3.0 and installed it, this is what u have to do.

**Steps 7,8,9 may be optional. But i'd stick to the steps.***

1. goto fuzzmain(totalclassics) folder Total Classics V3 - Extras Folder

2. Copy the Team.fuz file

3. Paste that file to your mvp studio bin folder.

4. goto fuzzmain(totalclassics) folder Total Classics V3 - LOC FILES

5. Copy the two Loc files FEENG.LOC and IGENG.LOC

6. Paste those two files into your mvp studio bin Updated_Loc Files

7. goto fuzzmain folder

8. You'll see two files, Team.dat and Tstat.dat --> Copy those two files

9. Paste those two files into your mvpstudio bin Final_Team dat_files


10. Now Open up Name Changer


12. Do what you want with renaming and so on.

13. Once you'r done, click on FILE-->IMPORT TO GAME DIRECTORY

14. and then you donate and ur all set.

lol,kidding capa-daddy. Best of luck, if u need anymore help, post in the thread.

yours truly,

This Generations Richie Cunningham

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