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Player Progression Through Dynasty


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Hey I was just perusing the downloads and i saw some mods on player progression. Idk whether I should get one or stay with the default. I am currently in world series game 5 of my first season so my first rookies are gonna change tomorrow :p

Im just wondering what my league will look like later on. What I did was I stacked my team full of really old superstars and turned off budgets. Now when the season ends I plan on selling off and trading almost everyone and starting practically from scratch next season.

Im hoping to have some really bad teams that i can switch over to and try to build them up. (after i download that team changer mod) (I plan on staying with my Dodgers thru next season tho and revamping the team into a totally different style- i like to make theme based teams, like good speed, good power,etc.) But i'm a little worried that maybe the teams are gonna be so even it might not work out quite like that.

My other idea is starting a new dynasty and trying to manipulate the rosters so that everyone in the league is a fake player... i kinda like the anonymity of a fake league... but idk how to go about this other than downloading that year changer deal and zooming ahead like 35 years but then it still won't be quite what i'm looking for there either.

I really enjoy building up teams and players so im interested in player progression and putting seemingly lousy players to good uses.

oh while im typing, one more thing off topic: in the old days, and to a lesser extent still today, players who were great and fielding and lousy at hitting could make their living in the majors... but that seems like a total joke on this game since fielding is almost a given. I suppose maybe with manipulated sliders and such one could make it so the league was more hospitable to such players, but i wonder if that can be done during a dynasty.

ok enough of my ramblings.

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I think the progression mod fixes some of the unrealistic progressions of rookies. You may want to try it out. I do like to use fake players myself, so good luck with that. The only thing I can tell you, is try fastforwarding about 12-15 years, that way all the guys would have retired and you can start with all unknowns...Ive never done that, but would be interested in seeing all the crazy names the game comes up with....lol

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