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Petco Park


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File Name: Petco Park

File Submitter: rolie

File Submitted: 8 Mar 2009

File Updated: 7 Apr 2009

File Category: MLB 2K9 - Stadiums

Petco Park for MLB 2K9 V2 4.7.2009

v 2

-Updated some ads from opening day

-darkened the overall white balance of ads to make night games less overly bright

-updated Dugout roof for 40 year anniversary

v 1

-Replaced homeplate ads, outfield ads from last year

-Darkened the overly bright walls, homeplate netting and lcd display

-New Western Metal Supply Co. texture and crisper brick pattern

-Fixed the incorrect dimension signs in outfield

-Retextured dugouts, on deck circle, misc props


Extract the stadium_sdp.iff tp your C:\Program Files\2K Sports\MLB 2K9 folder. Run the game and enjoy the upgrade.

Huge Thanks to nusileidimas! and Showfom!

Feel free to use whatever you want

Click here to download this file

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