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Tropicana-2k9 Edition


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I hope this is too be an easy translation, as I already have most of the ads from when I was working on Tropicana for mvp. This place is swarmed with repeating ads, and I find it impossible for now, to be able to do much with Tropicana. For now, a little something to gain some interest. Hopefully we will be able to get our parks into some kind of 3d editing program soon.


I've noticed that the dunkin donuts' ad has bled onto the champs ad and vice versa. I don't understand, the dimensions of the ads are correct, my monitor is at 1080p resolution, and all the graphics and aa is maxed out, that of, 2k9 (haven't touched my videocard driver settings). But if you look to the pepsi ad next to the champs ad, you can notice some of the grey pepsi ad that bled through as well, so I just think this is 2k's fault.

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