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  1. For whoever hasn't add me, my psn is wrigleyville33. How is online this year? Is the connection any better? I don't have my ps3 with me at school right now, but in the summer I will pick up '13 and would love to play with y'all.
  2. JL, I think we'll both be trolled by our teams regardless of how our teams play on opening day.
  3. JR we should collaborate on this. With our abilities on photoshop we could make an acceptable submission.
  4. Not too many "random thoughts" but I did participate in this, this past week.
  5. My first game ever was at Camden Yards when I was 5 or 6. Anyways... Major Leagues- Camden Yards Great American Ballpark Wrigley Field Turner Field Veterans Park Nationals Park Minor Leagues- Joe Davis Stadium and two other independent minor league parks but I can't remember of who.
  6. Not bad JR, the only thing that really sticks out is that its monotone. Try some creative stuff with more coloring rather than just one color. Also take a wack at some lighting too.
  7. Ha, I did last year. I only have the show and madden 10. There are some great exclusives out there like drake's fortune, little big planet, killzone, etc, but they aren't my type of games. I played the show this past year the most I've ever played a videogame.
  8. I played the game non stop from release to the release of madden. And that is ALL I played. What finally tore me away from playing was that it came to repeditive for me, like the fielding and pitching was just got boring eventually. Yet, I still don't think any video game has gotten me through a school summer only playing that game. Maybe mvp did that....
  9. move the render up, get better at text, and look at some tuts.
  10. dan haren is looking good lucas.
  11. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make a Theriot sig. I've failed so many times. If I can finally make one, I will be wearing it. lol
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