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Mlb 2k9 Pc For Sale - $15 + $3 Shipping


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I tried to like this game, I really did. I bought the game a few days after it came out and after struggling to figure out the menus, controls, etc. I played two games. While the graphics are stunning and the commentary is great, I find that I just can't get into the game and I keep coming back to MVP.

Maybe it's because I'm more of a classics guy, and it would take years to get something on MLB 2K9 anywhere close to what we've created for MVP (Total Classics, single season mods, etc.). It could also be that I've gotten MVP where I like it with sliders and datafiles and I really don't feel like starting all over again, tweaking a new game to get it to look and play just right.

I recently installed MVP08 and the MVP Caribe WBC mod, so if I want to play with modern teams, I can use those mods. If an MVP09 mod is released, I can install that.

Therefore, I'm offering my 3 week-old copy of MLB 2K9 for the PC for $15 plus $3 for shipping. Everything is in mint condition and the disc has only been in the DVD drive 4 or 5 times. I put a disc skin http://dskin.com/ on the disc as soon as I opened the package, so it's never been in the DVD drive unprotected.

Buyers must pay with PayPal. PM me if you are interested and as soon as I get a buyer, I will lock this thread. If something happens and the sale doesn't go through I'll reopen it.

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