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Hello everyone, i don't know if its just me but the players are injured very easily in my franchise game. I'm playing the mets and at the 3rd game church injured his knee while diving for an easy fly ball, he is out for 10 days.At the 4th game Maine injured his elbow while throwing a change up in the 5th inning and he's out for 3 days.

Then at the 5th game Murphy injured his ankle and is out for 3 days and at the same game Livan Hernandez injured his knee while throwing a fastball in 6th inning.

And when i arrive at the day they are supposed to return (because i only put hernandez on the DL) i keep having a message that the player is injured and is out for 1 day. So i play the game and the next day the message keep popping up.

So is sending a player to the DL the only way to heal them because i'm really short now on the starting rotation, i put redding in the 4th spot and Niese in the 5th but if one of my starting pitcher was to be injured that would be a mess, with a minor league rotation already not that great...

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