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  1. Loved the last year rosters, and i feel like this is the best baseball sim out there, would be much appreciated if someone made the rosters again.
  2. haven't found an option to change camera view in my player mode. i've even changed it in exhibition game and saved it, hoping it'll translate to my player mode but it didn't happen. also, can you turn automatic save in my player mode? i know you can turn it off on the starting screen, but haven't found that option in my player mode.
  3. could you please provide a link to team changer, i can't find it anywhere...
  4. decided to install mvp again. bought the subscription, installed 08 mod, datafile, shchedule, changed resolution, i'm downloading stadiums, but i can't find that damn year changer. i read the faq list, searched and advanced searched and google searched and went through half of the miscellanious/tools download sections and i can't find it! i'm sorry for spamming, but could someone give me a link for this tool? i'd be gratefull.
  5. well, i found the mistake just a minute ago. for some reason i extracted the db.viv file to my main nhl folder instead in the db subfolder. i'm a dumbass! now, let's play some hockey!
  6. nah, i've started a new dynasty spent whole day yesterday installing these files i dunno what i did wrong...
  7. i've installed the mod and it looks great. really greta. but, of course, i have a problem. and, of course, it's rosters. i've done everything said in that long, long install post, but they just don't work... i've loaded the ai from the ai folder before starting the dynasty and in the interface i can see kane as the top blackhawks scorer. but when i go in game i can play with hossa, havlat and a bunch of the old blackhawks players. any ideas? oh, my os is windows 7.
  8. i have a ksm datafile with overlay installed. how can i bring missed swings replay back?
  9. i'm using KSM DATAFILE and i'm searching good sliders to use with this file. i found solid sliders for all around play, but i can't get any user hr's without using the stick. i hate using the stick couse i like to base hitting purely on timing, but this way i can't hit any hr's. i have power at 50 and i have hit 2 hr's in 7 games :(
  10. hey guys. is there a way to relocate and change the name of your franchise in owner mode? i've seen these different fantasy teams but i didn't figure out how to change the name...
  11. 62 downloads

    My first ever CTS Screen features 1912 Red Sox team foto. CTS was made using compmaniac's CTS maker. Save zip file and install using kraw's total installer thingy. Hope you like it!
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