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Problems with Studio Final


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Hello, I have tryed using the MVP Studio Final, I have the 2.5 version as the 3.0 one will not download properly for me.

Anyway I am trying to add a Uniform to a team, I follow all the correct procedures to do so, as soon as I go to import to game, I get an error and the program closes itself.

Any ideas why this is happening?? Fuzz any ideas, would appreciate some help thanks!

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Hi Fuzz

All I did was the following to install a Uniform for the Giants!

1. run start.exe

2. start Uniform Editor

3. Scroll to San Francisco Giants

4. Click "Encode Selected Teams"

5. Click "Display jerseys"

6. Click "Add Jersey Portrait And Uniforms"

7. Select "Add An Extra Portrait and Uniform to the Selected Team.

8. Click "Continue"

9. Search browser for bpunis.BMP (the one you unzipped)

10.highlight the file then Click "begin"

11. then click ADD BMP

12. Search Browser for u018c.fsh

13 then (under Uniform/Scheme) click ADD

14. Search Browser for f018c.fsh

15. then click the last "ADD" finally click "Import to Game Files"

As soon as I click on import to Game files, I get the error message saying the gfxpak.exe had to close.

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hi again, no i haven't used any other programs before. I have tryed uninstalling the game completely, it still happens, weird thing is after i get the error it says its installed, but the unform isn't in the box, weird

I'd like use the newwer version you have, but I can't download it from here, gets to 2mb then stops.

Perhaps you could email it to me, would that be ok, sorry to be a bother to you.

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Hope you all had a nice christmas!! All the best for the new year!!!

Fuzz I reinstalled the Big gui file or what ever its called, from the downloads on this site. I tryed using the MVP Studio Final 3.0 (was able to download if using an internet download manager) well now I am getting a runtime error happening.

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