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I asked a question about ripping stats from the .sav file before I checked to see if someone wrote an editor for it... I apologize.

I get frustrated with this game because it does not focus on the stats at all, baseball is all about stats. As a Pirate fan I am relevated to making championship teams on my home PC rather than seeing them do the real thing so this baseball fantasy is important to me.

Now to the real heart of the matter,

1. I have tried MVPedit and it only extracts from the games default files, I want to modify from the saved roster files. Anyway when I try and edit using MVPedit it gives all players positions of C or SP and that takes time to correct. Am I doing something wrong??

2. I love Forbes field but how do I use it in my dynasty league?

3. I have downloaded the Lahmans DB and I am trying to adapt it into a user friendly DB so I can dump my season stats and such into it and print reports(like Baseball cards) for all my players because thats what I am into. Why does a game like Season Ticket Baseball(OOTP)have great statistical gameplay while MVP(a more expensive game) be terrible at it? Is there anyone out there who is a stats freak like me? Or am I alone?

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